Making sure everyone is safe and welcome

We are committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our church community, especially young people, children and those who are vulnerable. We acknowledge both a child's and an adult's right to protection from abuse, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs. We consider that the welfare of children is paramount. So we are committed to following legislation, guidance and recognized good practice in order that our church will provide a safe and welcoming environment for all who visit us.

We will seek to establish a caring environment in which there is an informed vigilance about the dangers of abuse.

We will implement, maintain and regularly review the procedures outlined in our church's Safeguarding Policy document, procedures which are designed to prevent and to be alert to the possibility of abuse.

We are committed to providing support, supervision, resources and training to those who work with children and adults.

We will appoint a Safeguarding Coordinator who will have specific responsibilities for safeguarding, although we recognise that safeguarding is the responsibility of the whole church.

Safeguarding Issues

How to contact us

The Safeguarding Coordinator is the person to whom all concerns or allegations should initially be addressed. You can get in touch with the person acting as Safeguarding Coordinator in the first instance by sending an email to the following address:

Contact church by emailEmail: contact@grecuk.co.uk

For further information on ways to contact the church, visit our Contact Us page.

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