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What we believe

We at Grove Road Evangelical Church adhere to the doctrinal statement published by Affinity. Affinity is a partnership of Gospel churches, evangelical agencies and individual Christians committed to working together to advance the work of the Gospel in the UK and Ireland and around the world. Affinity affirms and proclaims the foundational truths of the historic, orthodox faith as revealed in holy scripture.

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Grove Road Evangelical Church believes the foundational creeds of mainstream Christianity dating back to the early days of Christianity such as statement of belief known as the Apostles Creed.

More information If you want to know more about the gospel and what we believe, then you can contact us by email:

Union of Evangelical Churches

Union of Evangelical ChurchesGrove Road Evangelical Church, Chelmsford is a member of a group of churches known as the Union of Evangelical Churches (UEC). More information about the foundational beliefs of the UEC and its member churches can be found on the UEC's Beliefs page.

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