About Grove Road Evangelical Church

Grove Road Evangelical Church is made up of people of all ages and from many nationalities drawn from Chelmsford and the surrounding area. We currently have representatives from as fas as the Caribbean to the west, India to the east and Africa to the south.

We welcome everyone - whatever your age, your nationality or your background. We hope that in coming to be part of our church you will hear the timeless message of the Bible and the Good News of hope that can only be found in the salvation offered to us by God through faith in Jesus Christ, and that in finding this hope you will want to serve God in your daily life.

We are a community of people of varying ages, drawn from many differing backgrounds who have met with the living God in a real and personal way. We are not the finished article, but we are genuinely seeking to follow Jesus Christ in our daily lives.

Bringing Good News To the Heart of Chelmsford

We are representative of mainstream, historic, biblical Christianity. We are not a cult or a sect.

The word Evangelical comes from a Greek word, which, when translated means Good News.

We believe we have Good News for a sad and sinful world. That news is the same as that announced to the shepherds some 2,000 years ago: news of a 'Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.'

When believed upon, when received in the heart, this gospel still has the power to change lives and destinies.

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