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Hope Explored

We are all looking for hope, aren't we. But where can we find a hope that won’t turn out to be a false hope and end up disappointing us?

Hope Explored is an informal and relaxed three week course aimed at anyone who is looking for hope in a dark and chaotic world.

Hope Explored looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as recorded in the Bible by the historian Luke. Its three short sessions show that Christianity offers us a real hope: a hope that is based on concrete evidence and truth, not on myth and fantasy. It gives us the promise of eternal life, joy and peace for the future that is based on true events in the past, and which also changes everything about my experience and life today.

The structure of each session is non-threatening or demanding anything from you that you are not willing to do. You can if you want just sit and listen to what is said and watch the video presentation. Or you can take part in any discussions that take place, or ask questions. It is up to you how you play it. The session will last typically around about an hour, and of course, you are free to leave whenever you want.

Each session will consist of a short time looking at information in the Bible, a short video presentation to help explain to you what was looked at in the Bible, together with a brief explanation by the session leader of the theme of that session. This will be followed by a time for discussion and/or Q and A.

Dates for next Course Sessions

The course sessions will be on successive Wednesay evenings. The dates of the next course are shown below:

Each session begins at 8.00pm, so please try and arrive a few minutes before that so you can be seated comfortably and settled in before the session begins. The session will conclude at around 9.00pm, but depends on how the discussion or Q and A sessions go. You will be free to leave at any time you like.

Free of Charge

A handbook for the course will be provided free of charge to all who attend, and there is no charge at all for coming along to the sessions.

How to get in touch:

If you would like more information, please contact the church by email on

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