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 Grove Road Evangelical Church      Chelmsford Essex

‘Contenders (Series 4)’

An apologetics course designed to equip Christians to both ‘contend’  and ‘defend’  their faith

The sessions for this series will be split between Wickford and Chelmsford

Sun.25th Sep. 6.30 p.m.  ‘History Series’ (Part 1 - Church Fathers) [Wickford] JAG

Sun.30th Oct. 6.30 p.m. (Part 2 - The Major Church Councils) [Chelmsford] MARK

Sun.27th Nov. 6.30 p.m. (Part 3 – The Reformation) [Wickford] JAG

Sun.29th Jan.’17  6.30 p.m. (Part 4 – The Great Awakenings) [Chelmsford] MARK

Sun.26th Feb. 6.30 p.m. ‘Does the Old Testament Condone Violence?’ [Wickford] JAG

Sun.26th Mar. 7.30 p.m.  ‘The Role of Women in Christianity and Islam.’ [Chelmsford] PFANDER TEAM  

Sun.30th Apr. 6.30 p.m. ‘The Millennial Question - Pre, A, or Post? Does It Matter?’ [Wickford] MARK

Sun.28th May 6.30 p.m. ‘How Reliable Is The New Testament? (Part 1)’ [Chelmsford] JAG

Sun.25th Jun. 6.30 p.m. ‘How Reliable Is the New Testament? (Part 2)’ [Wickford] MARK

The course content will be representative of orthodox, mainstream Christianity