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About Us.

Pastors Profile.

AMark is 52 and is married to Ruth. They have 3 children: Tom (24), Meg (22) and Carys (15). Mark has served the LORD now in pastoral ministry for 24 years, the last 16 here in Chelmsford. He trained at the 'London Theological Seminary' for 2 years between 1990 - 1992. He is supported by the church for 4 days a week. Ruth is a trained counsellor and at present, manages the 'Pastoral Centre' at Mulberry House (see links page).

April 2016

Bringing Good News To the Heart of Chelmsford

We are representative of mainstream, historic, biblical Christianity. (We are not a cult or a sect).

 The word ‘Evangelical’ comes from a Greek word, which, when  translated means 'Good News'. We believe we have 'Good News' for a sad and sinful world. That news is the same as that announced to the shepherds some 2,000 year’s ago - news of a '...Saviour, who is Christ the LORD.' When believed upon, when received in the heart, this gospel still has the power to change lives and destinies.

 We are a community of people of varying ages, drawn from differing racial and social backgrounds who have met with the living God in a real and personal  way. We are not the finished article, but we are genuinely seeking to follow Jesus Christ in our daily lives.

Doctrinal Basis

We adhere to the Affinity statement of faith, found on their web-site (see links) and to all the orthodox, historic creeds of the church


 The chapel was built in 1931 by ' The Peculiar People'. The word peculiar was used in the old-fashioned sense of special  or set apart'. It comes from the King James Authorized Version's use of the word in I Peter ch.1 v.9. The 'Peculiar People' have a fascinating local history (see links http://www.uec-churches.net/history/).

 Naturally, words change or loose their meanings over time, and the ' Peculiar  People'  changed their name in the 1950's to 'The Union Of Evangelical Churches'. There are currently 15 chapels in this group of ' Bible-based ' churches, located mainly in Essex. Grove Road Evangelical Church  is just one constituent member.

 The U.E.C. is itself affiliated to “The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches” and to the broader Affinity group of churches (see links to Affinity web-site)

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 Bringing Good News to the heart of Chelmsford

Grove Road Evangelical Church

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